Sivu - Something On High album stream

Sivu is now streaming his critically acclaimed debut album, 'Something On High', in advance of its release on Monday via Atlantic Records.


The Watanabes - Draw What You Like EP

Christened after Japan's fifth most common surname which was used to name a samurai clan that originated by Watanabe no Tsuna in the year 953, The Watanabes already evoke geographical consciousness


Allo Darlin' - New Album and World Tour

We Come From The Same Place, the third full-length recording from the much loved Anglo-Australian four-piece Allo Darlin', is made up of smart, beautiful pop music, with lyrics that resonate with e


Gottwood Festival Returns for 2015

On the most northwest point of Wales, deep in the Anglesey forest, lies Gottwood Festival, a stunning combination of British coastline and incredible, mythically depicted woodland, jam-packed with


Trust Fund - Reading The Wrappers

Trust Fund - Reading The Wrappers video. Taken from the split 12" with Johanna Gruesome, out now.

Joanna Gruesome - Jerome (Liar)

Joanna Gruesome share brand new track 'Jerome (Liar)'. Watch the Video


Trust Fund and Joanna Gruesome - 12" Split on Reeks Of Effort (UK), HHBTM (US)

An excellent double hander from whippersnappers Trust Fund and slightly older whippersnappers Joanna Gruesome that I can whole-heartedly recommend.


Simple Things Festival 2014 GLASGOW

Simple Things, one of the UK's leading festivals for forward-thinking acts, innovation & diversity, arrives in Glasgow on Saturday 1st November.


Beans On Toast new album & UK tour

Drunk-Folk singer, barefoot troubadour and cult legend Beans on Toast drops his 6th studio album on his 34th Birthday.


Jake Bullit share new song 'Pushing Buttons'

Jake Bullit have streamed the latest song from their acclaimed 'Pain Killer' EP, entitled 'Pushing Buttons', which is out now via Lucky Number.


Liam Finn - Helena Bonham Carter

"For the video for 'Helena Bonham Carter' we wanted to tackle the speculatory obsession we have with celebrity culture," says Finn. "We crave scandal and feast on tales of decadence.